• Actively contribute to free Mexico’s economy of USA’s tight grip, particularly in terms of exports.  

  • Stay ahead of the economic curve in a fast moving world.

  • Motivate, build and coach a network of top visionary Mexican professionals willing to actively engage into non-traditional and culturally close export markets.

  • Elaborate business cases and fact sheets focusing on promoting Mexican exports to the above-mentioned markets.

  • Comment on projects, initiatives and success stories news.

We are also motivated in fostering the education of Mexican children (particularly young girls) such as IPADE’s Montefalco and El Peñón projects.  

Our objectives

Founding Members
Latin America Contacts 

Central America: Walter Sánchez

Pacific Alliance: Antonio Díaz Morales

Argentina: Juan Carlos López Meneses

Paraguay, Brazil: Bruno Blanc Vall

Bolivia: Guillermo Ribera Cuellar

Peru: Javier Ernesto Gallo Olmos

European Union
Marc-Henry Rouvroy
Maïna M’Poyo Kasa-Vubu
Marc-Henry Rouvroy
Maïna M’Poyo Kasa-Vubu (West/Central/East Africa)
Johan Hofmeyr (South Africa)
Other Mexican Contacts

León Cohen

Francisco José Ortegón Ruíz

Ricardo Natera Ramírez

Juan Carlos Canales

Enrique Tamayo Rodríguez

Eduardo Campos Reza  Alejandro Rodríguez Segovia

Jorge Arturo Romero López

Cesar Mercado Mejia